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Where Innovations Thrive.

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Why Hokkaido?

Hokkaido is one of few cities that provide
its own Startup Visa, and below are few of
many reasons why we attract foreign
founders from across the world.

  • 1

    Hokkaido has been
    home to numerous
    Tech innovations

    Hokkaido has supported a number of Tech
    startups and founders from all over the world.

    • AgriTech

    • FoodTech

    • BioTech

    • HealthTech

    • SpaceTech

    • AI

    • TravelTech

    • CleanTech

  • 2

    Ecosystem driven by
    startup mindset

    Our inter-connected, collaborative ecosystem
    is ready to support you in all stages.

    startup city sapporo
  • 3

    Plenty of
    PoC opportunities

    Together with our community, we’ve built
    the perfect test ground for Seed-stage startups.

    Local Innovation Challenge
    Open Network Lab HOKKAIDO
  • 4

    Chance to get funded
    from the get-go

    We have the perfect test ground
    for Seed-stage startups.

    • Up to 2.5 million JPY
      grant for newly established startups
    • 100%
      of company registration fee covered

      (Normally 175,000 JPY for Stock Company (KK) &
      80,000 JPY for Limited Liability Company (GK))

    • PoC + 500,000JPY
      activity fee

Last but not least...
you can enjoy
the majestic nature
and all kinds of outdoor
activities in Hokkaido!

How to Apply

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Journey Today!!

Get started by simply clicking on the
“Apply” button at the bottom right.
Our team will get in touch with you to set
up a casual call to better understand your
business and see how we can support you.

To get the process started,
focus on building below
3 documents first:

  • MVP

  • Business Plan

  • 3-Year Financial

Later on, you will be asked to provide
additional documents below:

  • ・Graduation certificate
  • ・CV
  • ・Employment certificate
  • ・Housing
  • ・Bank book
  • ・Pitch deck
    We can help you out with this one!

Also prepare to
answer the following:

  • ・Reason(s) to start a business
    and future prospects = Why Hokkaido?
  • ・List your qualifications,
    work experience, special skills,
    valid licenses
  • ・Outline of your business
    (planned products and services)
  • ・Products or Services to be provided
  • ・Please list your competitors
    (name, Website URL, etc.)
  • ・Reasons why your business is
    capable of making profits
  • ・Outline of sales plan, and plan for
    providing products and services
  • ・Details of your expected supplier,
    partners, cost ratio and cost breakdown
  • ・Necessary management resources


Once you feel prepared, go ahead and
get started on the application process!

Application will ONLY take about 1.5 months,
and after landing in Japan,
it will take 10-11 months
to settle in,
and additional 6 months
to incorporate your business.

We’re Here
to Help You.

Throughout the application process, you can
always count on our team to support you.

You’re not alone in this!